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Design album covers for your CDs and DVDs


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Nero CoverDesigner is a useful tool you can use to make your own custom designs for the album covers of your CDs and DVDs in a very easy and quick way. The program has a wide range of features you can use to create designs for the discs themselves as well as the cases to store them in.

You can make designs for everything from the smallest to largest cases. Nero CoverDesigner offers a huge number of features that let you adjust every detail: images, texts, labels provided by the app itself; and you can add the name of the movie, record, or artist, so you can better recognize your discs in the future.

Besides using the resources in the application, you can create your own templates to use in future designs, if you want to keep a common style. This feature is very useful if you want to create a collection with similar cover designs.

If Nero CoverDesigner doesn't include the exact size of the protective case you want to use, you can always add the exact measurements yourself so the software can use it for future projects. You can also save the front, back, and side designs of the case in any format so you can print them later.
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